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Couse Project:Play & Learn—The Battle of Austerlitz

A deck of playing cards.

For 2 players, based on the history event "The Battle of Austerlitz", including all the characters (commander, marshal, general & soldiers) inside of the battle.

digital art 

cards, books


A military general who became the first emperor of France. His drive for military expansion changed the world.
French soldier and, as one of Napoleon’s marshals, commander of the imperial guard after 1804. His appointment as marshal signaled Napoleon’s intention to develop the imperial guard.
French Revolutionary general and marshal of France, who was elected crown prince of Sweden. becoming regent and then king of Sweden and Norway.
Duke of Auerstedt, French marshal who was one of the most distinguished of Napoleon’s field commanders.
French military leader and political figure who was noted for his courage in battle and his opportunism in politics.
French general who, despite his humble origins, rose to the rank of marshal of the First Empire.
General, administrator, and marshal of France in the Napoleonic Wars whose career illustrates the opportunities to rise in the French army after the Revolution.
French cavalry leader who was one of Napoleon’s most celebrated marshals and who, as king of Naples, lent stimulus to Italian nationalism.
The Imperial Guard was originally a small group of elite soldiers of the French Army under the direct command of Napoleon I.
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Original name Mikhail Illarionovich Golenishchev-Kutuzov, in full Mikhail Illarionovich, Prince Kutuzov, Russian army commander who repelled Napoleon’s invasion of Russia.
Son of the Russian emperor Paul I, he was the virtual ruler of the Congress Kingdom of Poland.
Prince Bagration, Russian general who entered the Russian army in 1782, distinguished himself during the Napoleonic Wars.
An Austrian general who was active during the Napoleonic Wars. and continued to make his reputation in the cavalry.
A Russian Infantry General, commanded the first column in the Battle of Austerlitz during the War of the Third Coalition.
A veteran of the war with Sweden, three wars with Turkey, the battle of Austerlitz, the war in 1812.
Russian military man and statesman and politician, member of the State Council of the Russian Empire.
Prince of Liechtenstein. He was the last Liechtenstein prince to rule under the Holy Roman Empire between 1805 and 1806.
The Russian Imperial Guard, officially known as the Leib Guard, were military units serving as personal guards of the Emperor of Russia.
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French Army


  • Commander in Chief: Napoleon Bonaparte

  • The French Royal Guard: Jean-Baptiste Bessières

  • The First Army Corps: Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte

  • The Third Army Corps: Louis Nicolas Davout

  • The Fourth Army Corps: Nicolas Jean de Dieu Soult

  • The Fifth Army Corps: Jean Lannes

  • Grenadiers: Nicolas Charles Oudinot

  • Cavalry Ready Legion: Joachim Murat


Russian & Austrian Army

  • Commander in Chief: Mikhail Kutuzov

  • The Russian Royal Guard: Grand Duke Konstantin

  • The Czar Right-Wing Forward Forces: Pyotr Bagration

  • The Czar Left-Wing Forward Forces: Michael Von Kienmayer

  • The First Allied Column: Dmitry Dokhturov

  • The Second Allied Column: Louis Alexandre Andrault de Langeron

  • The Fourth Allied Column: Mikhail Andreyevich Miloradovich

  • The Fifth Allied Column: Johann I Joseph Prince of Liechtenstein

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