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Course Project:Play & Learn—The Battle of Austerlitz

A deck of playing cards.

For 2 players, based on the history event "The Battle of Austerlitz", including all the characters (commander, marshal, general & soldiers) inside of the battle.

digital art 

cards, books


French Army


  • Commander in Chief: Napoleon Bonaparte

  • The French Royal Guard: Jean-Baptiste Bessières

  • The First Army Corps: Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte

  • The Third Army Corps: Louis Nicolas Davout

  • The Fourth Army Corps: Nicolas Jean de Dieu Soult

  • The Fifth Army Corps: Jean Lannes

  • Grenadiers: Nicolas Charles Oudinot

  • Cavalry Ready Legion: Joachim Murat


Russian & Austrian Army

  • Commander in Chief: Mikhail Kutuzov

  • The Russian Royal Guard: Grand Duke Konstantin

  • The Czar Right-Wing Forward Forces: Pyotr Bagration

  • The Czar Left-Wing Forward Forces: Michael Von Kienmayer

  • The First Allied Column: Dmitry Dokhturov

  • The Second Allied Column: Louis Alexandre Andrault de Langeron

  • The Fourth Allied Column: Mikhail Andreyevich Miloradovich

  • The Fifth Allied Column: Johann I Joseph Prince of Liechtenstein

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