In 1804, Napoleon established the French Empire and became the emperor. To strengthen the preparedness activities to land in Britain. As a result, Britain in alliance with Russia and Austria, "Third Coalition", to confront the France.

The area of the war is a hill.The coalition divided into 6 teams to attack from different directions. The coalition had the advantage in numbers compared to the French army, so portion od French army was captured. At 7:30, when the thick fog dispersed, Napoleon saw the highland of the hill had no one to defend and administrate through the sunlight, which was a huge mistake for a coalition. Napoleon commanded 2 divisions to occupy the highland. Successfully, broke the coalition into 2 parts. The leader of the coalition lost the control to the army.

North part: Napoleon finally captured the highland, completely destroyed the coalition army.

South part: French army driven the enemies into a corner around by 2 lakes, made they have no other ways to go, the soldiers were drowned in the water, be killed or captured.

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